Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saints / Mardi Gras Fever.

Above are Phyllis' three grandchildren with four baskets/tubs of "stash" from the parade last night. From the left; Austin, Alissa and Alexis (notice her Aunt Jamie's red high heels).

Samantha, Phyllis' daughter is ready to roll next Friday night. Her Mardi Gras Crew, Aphrodite has a membership of approximately 450. I think we have about 10 crews -- Mardi Gras is BIG here. I will actually have a four day holiday weekend next week.

Phyllis and I just returned from shopping and found one of the crews for tonight (Saturday) having fun in the front. As I mentioned in a prior post, the crews start partying early in the morning on these make-shift floats, hopping from one spot to another. The music coming from the bus was in the theme of the "Saints"! The parking lot looked like Christmas and when we shopped inside, EVERYONE was dressed in Black and Gold (including me with my "number 9 Drew Brees"). I have never seen anything like it.

The two pictures above are from the Friday night parade, Hercules Crew. Phyllis froze getting these pictures, while I stayed home in the warmth and sewed! Our younger sister Rayna is coming in from Texas Thursday night for more celebration.

On a final note, tomorrow is the big game. The energy is at an all time high here in South Louisiana. If the Saints win -- I can only imagine the celebration. If the Saints lose, the celebration will still go on -- as we all know, Peyton Manning is one of our own (born and raised), whose Dad, Archie is one of our most famous Saint's quarterbacks.

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