Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week #5 Stash Report

This has been a busy weekend, however I have only 1 item finished....the baby Saints quilt my sister and I teamed up to make (pictured on yesterday's post). I waited late to post in hopes of finishing the quilting on the string quilt - no luck. I tend to become side tracked with those things like washing and folding clothes, vacuuming, dusting. Oh well.

Used (finished) this week: (5.00) yards
Used year to date: (53.25)
Added this week: -0-
Added year to date: 38.80
Net year to date: (14.45)

Next weekend is the Super Bowl AND the first Mardi Gras parades. I have never seen Mardi Gras decorations in Black and Gold. When the Saints WIN the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras will end up being twice the celebration. I have a niece and nephew who both in Mardi Gras next week I will bring pictures. I had hoped to also finish quilting Bonnie Hunter's Christmas/Mardi Gras top in time ... but no problem ... Mardi Gras colors never go out of season here.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finish #6 and weekend projects

Finished a baby Saints Quilt for a shower tomorrow and still working on a larger version of a very simple and fast block. Quilt finished at 42 x 56. The backing alternated blocks of footballs and Saints Fabric.

Other weekend projects, I have added a few more blocks to the 16-patch/pinwheel quilt and continued to quilt the string top. The solid areas are quilted with flowers and the strings with feathers.

The rack of tops to be sandwiched and pinned waits patiently for me. (More hanging in the closet!) Oh well -- I am sure they will be there tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Design Wall

This week was dedicated to quilting tops. In between, I pulled out the 2" strip drawer which is totally over flowing. Bonnie Hunter ( has a great selection of patterns to use scraps, so I am using her 16-patch with pinwheels.

I am looking forward to coming home tonight to start piecing black/gold blocks. Our own New Orleans Saints Team is going to the Super Bowl. I doubt very few schools or businesses will get much work done today. As you can see, I have a huge collection of black and gold fabric. I will have two weeks to make sofa quilts for a couple of family members and one baby boy due very soon. GO SAINTS!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stash Report

Used (finished) this week, (7.25)
Used year to date, (48.25)
Added this week, 6.80
Added year to date, 38.80
Net year to date, (9.45)

Hopefully I will be finishing a couple of projects this week. I continue to only count "used" when the project is finished, otherwise I will find another project to start.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quilting Methods

I did not realize just how much I don't like stitching in the ditch. For the last few years, I have enjoyed the freedom of "doodling" on my quilts. Transferring my life long habit of doodling on paper to quilts, the boring straight line has taken its tole today. Starting very early this morning, I have been stitching in the ditch of the 84 x 84 string quilt to stablize the bias seams before I start doodling. In between the boredom, I pieced blocks for a new project.

This past October, I test drove every long arm at the Houston International Quilt Show. They were all fine, but nothing gave me the "buzz" until I sat down at the "George". I played and doodled very contently. The AQS representative was behind me giving me her first hand use of the machine. I listened, but continued doodling -- such fun. The young lady then asked me to fill in my name for a chance at a little prize. As I looked up, I realized that Pat Sloan was the AQS Rep! I felt like I had just met Julia Roberts! By the way, she is just as pretty!

With all this said, I will continue to pine for George. I am not ready to retire from my day job, however I have already started saving for the machine that will obviously make my doodling easier.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

#5 Finished Quilt

The baby quilt has been finished just in time for the baby shower tomorrow. A partnered quilt with my sister Phyllis, we started piecing this past Sunday. We used every scrap from the center blocks on the border and the back. I did the quilting and Phyllis will sew down the binding by hand tonight. The final measurement: 60 x 64.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Design Wall

Today was a little shopping....the batting rolls were on sale (50% off) along with my extra 10% coupon. My sister Phyllis and her granddaughter Alissa came by with her "Kwik Krazy Too" quilt blocks which we team-sewed together and added the borders. We enlarged the pattern to take advantage of a fat quarter. The finished block is 15", the finished quilt is 60 x 74. I am working on a pieced back, then it will be ready for pinning.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiltathon - Sunday

I have finished the string quilt top and two backings. Tomorrow I will be pinning tops. For the remainder of the week (maybe for the month), I will be quilting tops: the String Quilt, Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas, the baby quilt and a scrap quilt. My sister Phyllis went home early to finish her Kwik Krazy blocks. Hopefully she will bring them by tomorrow so I can show them for Monday design wall.

We had a great time with Judy Laquidara's quiltathon -- we may not have finished as much without the nudge!

Stash Report 1-17-2010

Used (Finished) this week: (14.25)
Used Year To Date: (41.00)
Added this week: -0-
Added Year To Date: 32.00
Net Year To Date: (9.00)

Yesterday was the first day of Judy Laquidara's Quiltathon ( I started new projects, continued with on-going projects, but did not finish any as of yet. I am now on my way back to my sewing room!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Quiltathon

Today started very early. Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas top was assembled (in my case Mardi Gras). Tonight and tomorrow, the borders will be added. The colors chosen were purple, green and gold against a black background.

Around 1:00, my sister Phyllis joined the party. She brought the coolest little gadget called the "Knifty Knitter". She brought 3 hats already made and started another one for my demonstration. I have to get one of those things.

We then started pulling from the stash to start a baby quilt. Using the split nine-patch, this bright top was finished while we watched the New Orleans Saints stomp the Arizona Cardinals (so sorry). The first border has been added and the pieced border is being auditioned. We hope to finish this top tomorrow so it can be quilted. Both of us have the day off Monday, so our quiltathon will continue into overtime. (If anyone knows who designed the "split nine-patch", please let me know and I will add the information).

Son's Boat

My son is building a 15 1/2' boat in the barn. Below is a couple of pictures of his progress.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finish #4 - Busting Batiks

Finally finished quilting, added binding and will save the hand work for a good TV movie. Sadly, I don't think there is a dent in the batik bin. This one started with 3 left over square blocks now nested in the "Corn and Beans" blocks. This one is an example of playing with blocks on the design wall until it works. I loved the fabric on the back! Glad there are left-overs of this one! Quilt is 72 x 84 and will be finding a home on the dining room wall.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Design Wall

Too cold outside this weekend to do anything but sew (what a shame). I am working on a scrappy string quilt -- can't wait to start quilting this big guy. I have finished 8 columns, with 6 next to the machine. Not sure whether to add a border -- too soon to tell. The blocks are 6" square, 14 across, 14 down. I won't be home until very late tonight, but can't wait to see the other design walls.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stash Report

Although I have estimated my usage for the last couple of years, this is my first year to keep a journal. Started out adding 30 yards from the TOB Sale ( - couldn't resist. I am saving my Christmas gift certificate to our local quilt shop until I am in the red again. I track "used" when the project is complete to stay consistant with previous years AND I need the incentive to finish them before piecing another one. My goal this year is to not to accumulate more than three completed tops. I like to pin 2 or 3, then quilt them back to back. There was no post last week because I had to create a blog (first timer), however here is my weekly and year to date report:

Used this week: (14.55) yards

Used year to date: (26.75) yards

Added this week: 2.00 yards

Added year to date: 32.00 yards

Net year to date: 5.25

Saturday, January 9, 2010


The Pinwheel Quilt measures 84 x 94, just perfect for a double size bed. Starting with the pinwheels, I added two-toned four patch blocks inspired by Judy's. I used flowers, leaves and feathers for the all over quilting pattern. Thank you Judy -- one less UFO is now done.

Quilts Finished

As this is my VERY first blog, I will be keeping it simple. I just finished quilting three tops started during the holidays. One snowball and one scrappy. The 3rd quilt came from a box of 30 pinwheels I had no idea what to do with until coming across the cutest layout on Judy Laquidara's blog at